Exploring My Classmates’ Websites

I went through most of my classmates’ website and all of them did a great job in terms of organizing their websites and publishing their creative posts. I chose four of them that attracted me the most and wrote comment on their posts.
The first piece of work that I like is the following GIF.  It expresses it’s theme explicitly and the cropping of the photo is so good that it almost seems real to me.



This work impressed me and inspired me to make one of my own.



This is the link of the website That I have visited next: http://thebedouinsworld.com/I really love the theme, the animation and the music of this website.

In a simple word, this website makes me happy. I want to install similar theme to my website. In the comment, I appreciate her and I ask her to share a video tutorial to help me to install similar themes. I am looking forward to get a response.

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The next work that impress me is from the following website: http://juliancajigas.com/. I remembered that I struggled a lot to find ideas about making my own propaganda posters.  When I saw the work of the following website, I thought it is interesting and simple.


In the comment, I appreciate him/her for sharing the work with us and ask for a tutorial that will help me to learn from his work.

When I visited the following website, I was surprised. http://digitaldee.com/. The theme, the color, the organization of this website is very professional.

I appreciate the hard work that the admin already puts into his/her website.  In the comment, I request for a video tutorial that will teach me how to make my website a professional one like this.

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Last but not the least, I like this assignment a lot. This assignment not only helps us to get new ideas about improving our own website, but also provides us with the opportunity to appreciate each others hard work.

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  1. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for taking a look at my site! I am really glad that you like it. 🙂 I like yours as well and wrote about it on my post.

    I did get your message and will try my best to make a post on themes as soon as possible. If i can’t make a post, I’ll reply back to you personally.

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