Animated GIF (II)

When my professor first showed how to make this kind of animated GIF, I thought it might be hard. However, when I tried, it became easy and fun. So, I ended up making three of them. For my animation, I chose the pictures and animated GIF from Google image. I used NewHive online website to place an animated background and animated characters to under and over the static picture.  Then I have used ISpring to record the screen for three minutes. After that, I saved the recording as a video and imported the video as frames to the Photoshop. Then I saved these frames as GIF for the web. This is a link about how to do it:

After making the first one, I think I can use this skill for educational purpose. So, I made the following GIF. This GIF represents a modern city. In this GIF, I have used five characters. Each character symbolizes each problem that is going on in that city. The GIF  demonstrates that the city has Obesity, poverty, relationship problem, depression, and anxiety.  This is my first symbolic GIF ever.

I would say this is my favorite Disney GIF ever.  I have used some characters from several Disney movies and put them as an animated GIF. This GIF seems childish but I am proud of my creation.

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    I love these pieces!
    Your site is also looking great!
    The blog posts are all super high quality!

    Now, lets add an about page and a way to contact you via the site!
    Good Energy!

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