Creating a Contact Form in WordPress

When I was exploring some of my classmates’ websites during the last class, I found out that most of them did not have a contact  form. So, I decided to write a blog post that would help them to create a contact form in their own website.

Before creating the contact form, I added a new page using the page option and named it contact. This is a link to the video that helps me to create a new page in my website :

After creating a page, I moved forward to create the contact form. The process was simple but I took help from the following webpage: . This webpage contained both video and text that described how to create a contact form  in word press. Though this webpage explained clearly how to create the contact form from the beginning, I would still try to explain it in my own words.

  • At first, I selected the Add New option from the  Plugins tab.
  • On the right hand corner side bar I wrote contact form and selected the required form from the given options.  Install it and activate it. After activation, there would be a guided video that explained how to use it.
  • Then on the left hand corner side bar we would be able to find WPForms tab and selected the add new option.
  • Then we would find options to create our form from the scratch or select a template.
  • After selecting the template named simple contact form we would find lots of options to customize it.
  • Then using the newly added page, I put it on my website.

After doing the last step, I felt like the following GIF from Giphy.

My contact form looks like the following:

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