My Attempts To Make Vaporwave Net Art

When the Professor told us that this week we would work on vaporware, I was confused. I did not know what did vaporware mean and what was the history behind this name. Then I found an online article that helped me to learn the history behind vaporware. In class, our professor shared some resources with us about vaporware which helped us to make some net art based on that theme. At first I made these two GIF using NEWHIVE, Photoshop, iSpring (screen recorder) and animated pictures from Google.

These GIF were  really fun to make. Next I used  Trianglify Generator to create low poly backgrounds and  used  this website to formulate triangulated image. After making the low poly background, I took a transparent photo from the web and used Photoshop to place one over the other.

Then with the help of triangulated image website, I turned the photo into the following one:

One more interesting website that professor showed us was click drag click. This website is really cool for making animated website. The process of using this website is really simple. In order to use this website one only has to know how to click and drag. Using this website I have made the following stickers:

These stickers are easy to make but require creativity to project.

All the things that i have learned are pretty new for me and I am working hard to improve the quality of my work

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