One Image Double Exposure

I did the double exposure effect before with PIXLR, but this time I became interested to try the same effect with Photoshop with a small twist. The twist called one image double exposure. This is my version of this effect.

The steps of creating this effect are:

  • First, select the photo, open it with photoshop and unlock the background.
  • Select the desired shape that you want to enlarge using quick selection tool.  Make sure that the auto-enhance key is checked.
  • Open a new layer. Press Alt+Back to fill the layer with the black background color. Then press Ctrl+D to deselect everything.
  • Press Crtl+T to open up the transform channel and press alt+shift to make the selection bigger. Then use this layer as a clipping mask over the first one.
  • Press Crtl+Tto play with the background layer. Go to create new fill or adjustment layer to select a solid color for the background. Then copy the background layer and place the copy layer over the solid color background layer.
  • Go to filter, select blur and apply the Gaussian blur and lower the audacity around 50%.
  • At last, we can choose curves from the adjustment tool and play with it to give the photo more professional look.

All these steps are taken from a Youtube video. This is the link to the video:–tOMRAA. This video has explicit instructions that make easy to follow each step and re-create the effect.


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