Paint Splash Effect

This is really a cool effect and I am interested to learn it. So, I took the help from a couple of youtube videos to create this. But, this is the first time I failed. I tried for hours but I was not able to create anything similar. The real effect is supposed to be like this:

But, my effect came out like this:I am confused about what I did wrong. I followed the following steps:

  • I created a new frame that is 1366X768 pixel. Then I unlocked the background and used different brushes to create the brush effect.
  • I opened the photo that I wanted to work with and placed it as a new layer.
  • Next, I opened a new layer and fill the layer with the white background color. Then I arranged the layers such a way that the layer 1 would be the white background, layer 2 would be the brush effects and layer 3 would be the photo of the girl.
  • Then I went to the select tab and selected the color rage option.In that option, I increased the fuzziness to 200 and made sure that the selection button is selected.
  • Then I selected the first layer (the white background one) and pressed CRTL+Shift+i to thumbnail it. Then I used this layer as the layer mask for layer 3 and converted the layer 3 to a smart object.
  • Then I opened a new layer before layer 3 and choose a gradient for that layer.
  • Next, changed the layer setting from normal to screen. But, my outcome was different than the video that I have used.

This is the link to the video:

If anyone knows a better way to construct this effect, please let me know.

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