Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a great app that makes collages out of pictures. It is free to download.  It is available for Apple, Android and Windows users. People can use it through phones, tablets, and laptops. The layout of this app is pretty simple. However, if anyone needs help, there are a couple of videos on Youtube. I took help from some of these videos when I made my collages. The links are given below:



I made my first college with the pictures of one of my favorite place Bethesda Terrace in the different seasons. In this app, there are many options to place pictures like grids, templates, and freestyles. I have used freestyles to made my college.

After clicking on freestyle, the following dialogue box will appear and we have to select the photos option in order to insert the photos.

When the photo selection is done, the pictures will show up on the screen randomly. However, we will be able to move them around, change the size, apply frames, change the background, add stickers and we will be also able to apply different effects to the pictures. My other pic collages are the following: 

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