Splatter Effect With Pixlr

I have found the splatter effect is a very sophisticated effect. I really wanted to learn it using Photoshop, but I did not have access to Photoshop from my home. However, I have used PIXLR to learn it.

  • Select a picture with transparent background and erase it using the eraser.
  • Select the paint bucket tool and give the background white color.
  • Then open the image one more time, copy it and paste it on the white background (you can skip this part if you have a picture with white background).
  • Select the move tool and move the picture little bit to the right. Duplicate this layer for two times.
  • Go to the edit tab and select free transform. Use it on the layer 1 copy.
  • Add a layer mask to the second layer.
  • Select the brush tool and open up the following dialogue box.                           Select the more option and open up the following dialogue box.        Click on the splatter option and add those brushes under the brush option.
  • Use these brushes to create the splatter effect.
  • Last but not the least save the picture.

I have used the link below to learn this effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC4FNXVFk8E

This is my splatter effect:

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